Care Sector Boss Praises Frontline Carers After ‘A Year Like No Other’

Twelve months ago, Coronavirus numbers here in the UK were rocketing at a rapid pace and a national lockdown quickly came into force at the end of March.

Now a year on, one Cumbria care sector boss has spoken out with her appreciation and praise for her ‘incredibly passionate’ team.

Carol Wilson, who is the director of Bellcare which is a domiciliary care company operating in Cumbria describes her team as passionate and caring, as she explains: “The last year has been a massive strain and test for the whole care sector and Bellcare has been no different. I always knew our Bellcare family were one of a kind, caring and passionate. These thoughts are always confirmed by consistent outstanding reviews and thank you messages from our clients and their families.

Demand for domiciliary care in recent years has shot up, domiciliary care is care services and support undertaken in the client/service user’s home as opposed to a care home. This has presented safety challenges in times of COVID for Bellcare because the carers go into multiple homes a day.

“With the worry over the safety of themselves and their own loved ones they have still gone out in all weathers to look after the most vulnerable of people. They have adapted to new ways of working and additional PPE measures with great professionalism and good cheer, not easy in the 30 degree heat we enjoyed in the summer.” says Carol.

“Despite sometimes looking a bit scary, the carers have managed to reassure our clients that it is still the friendly carer there to carry on as normally as possible. They have also continued to go the extra mile, still fundraising for our client’s events and parties which will hopefully resume in the not-too-distant future.

Carol finishes, “This past year has been like no other, I’m proud of our family of carers and excellent support staff. They always were heroes to me, now they have proven to be superheroes over the last year. I’ll take a Bellcare carer over wonder woman or superman any day!”

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