Fitness entrepreneur continues to expand by delivering readily prepared meals to Carlisle

A fitness entrepreneur is continuing to expand his business by delivering ready-prepared healthy meals throughout Carlisle.

Xtreme Fitness, in Workington, began producing its Fuel range of meals last year after moving to new premises at the former Border Cars unit on Joseph Noble Road, in Lillyhall West.

Owner Lee Butterworth says the meals have proved so popular in Whitehaven and Workington that he is beginning deliveries to the Carlisle area.

Lee, who founded Xtreme Fitness nine years ago, said he had long wanted to begin a meal prep business.

“Moving into the new site meant we had the space to open a cafe making our own meals,” he said.

“During the lockdown we've managed to get another three or four staff on while being closed because that side of the business has grown so much. That's just gone from strength to strength.”

The Fuel range includes everything from snacks like protein flapjacks to main meals such as Japanese slow braised beef and Szechuan pork and noodles.

Lee says the focus is on creating healthy tasty meals that are “nourishment not punishment”.

“It’s easy to make the mistake of creating meals that might be healthy but are not all that enjoyable, whereas we’re doing meals for people that are really tasty, you can have for your tea, but they are calorie and macro counted for things like protein, carbs and fats,” he said.

Lee says the aim of Xtreme Fitness is to provide a welcoming environment for beginners to get into exercise. Over the years the gym has grown to have 1345 members, a following which provided a good customer base to get the meal prep venture off the ground.

“We've got a six-week fat loss programme called Xtreme Lean that we've done now for just over three-and-a-half years and as part of that we offer people meal plans and recipe ideas,” said Lee.

“We've had over 3000 people through that programme so all the recipes are well known and we've got a good reputation. Within the first week, we were doing better than a lot of meal prep companies because we've already got that customer base.

“I want to build it nice and gradually by going into Carlisle where there are potentially about 100,000 customers and we can maybe do twice as much business as we're doing now. In time I’d like to think about expanding further and maybe opening a dedicated unit with more ovens.”

The meals can be ordered online at Orders go live on a Wednesday at 6pm for Monday delivery collection and close at 12pm Friday. Orders go live at 4pm Friday for Wednesday delivery and collection.