• Oliver Hodgson

#PR campaigns... are very effective ways of promoting a product, story or business

Running a PR campaign for your new venture or product is a highly effective tool when it comes to keeping your brand relevant.

Doing so, isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you may think.

An adhoc press release or interview setup and pitching can be way more affordable than you think - often just a couple of hundred pounds. With no ties involved in campaigns we run, you can have our support for a few weeks, six months or even twelve months, which gives you the flexibility you need.

At the moment, in these strange times everyone is on their Facebook news feeds, media sites, picking up a paper, listening to the radio or watching the 6’oclock news and who’s to say you can’t be the next story they read, listen or watch?

Regional PR can be a fantastic tool to leveraging your businesses identity and credibility within your local area as well as getting your name out there. So... lets break that #PR barrier and have a virtual cuppa and craic!! or 019467 89272


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