Social Media

Not a ‘scooby doo’ where to start with your organic social media?

We have your back, we can put a face to your business and get it out there, create memorable content and impactful strategies to implement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We create social posts and content that inspire, educate and ultimately content that drives traffic, increases sales or leads and builds your credibility and notability. We are very clued up when it comes to social media, we keep on top of the trends and algorithms to make sure our clients are reaping the rewards and looking good infront of the millions that use social media daily. 

Organic Social Media

Our organic social strategy is all about consistency and quality content. We develop a calendar and stratergy which aligns with your brand and tone of voice. Producing and co-ordinating Facebook webinars, IGTV series, user-generated content and community engagement. We've also had our fair share of producing viral content 😉

Paid Social Media

The Platinum Live paid-social strategy is built on showing social media ads to your target customers at the right time via the right platform. We are built on stories, so we love introducing prospective customers to your brand through creative graphics, videos and photographs which spark purchases or capture form entries. 

Increase Revenue ✔️ Increase Brand Awareness ✔️ Interact With Customers ✔️ Consistent Approach ✔️ Professional Content ✔️ Work Across All  Major Platforms ✔️ Reactive ✔️ Bold Thinkers ✔️ Expert Copy ✔️

Social Media Statistics 

50 million users of social media in the UK by 2025❗️

43.04 million users of Facebook in the UK ❗️

30.36 million users of Instagram in the UK ❗️

Source: Statista 

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